Contour Ultimate Workstation Red Keyboard & Mouse


Balance Keyboard & RollerMouse Red:
Together at last.

Introducing the ultimate bundle in workstation comfort and productivity. Our Ultimate Workstation reduces the distance between the mouse and keyboard while keeping the user's body in a neutral posture, delivering comfort and increased productivity like no other.

We have engineered our Balance Keyboard to fit perfectly with RollerMouse Red, eliminating the need for keyboard risers. The pitch of Balance Keyboard can be adjusted to three different tilts (negative, flat, positive) that ensure maximum comfort while working with the RollerMouse Red. Its slim design aligns perfectly with your mouse, allowing you to maintain a more ergonomic position. The Balance Keyboard's low lip minimizes the length of reach needed to get between your keyboard and your mouse. By using the Ultimate Workstation, you can experience an optimized workplace setup in a compact, usable space.

RollerMouse Red works well in compact spaces, and for users with average to small hands.

Contour Ultimate Workstation Red Keyboard & Mouse - Wireless